Hot and Cold Massage Gun PRO

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Massage Gun mini
Massage Gun mini Precio de oferta$149.00 USD Precio normal$199.00 USD
Hot and Cold Massage Gun
Hot and Cold Massage Gun Precio de oferta$158.99 USD Precio normal$179.00 USD
Hot and Cold Massage Gun PRO
Hot and Cold Massage Gun PRO Precio de oferta$185.99 USD Precio normal$269.00 USD
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Peach Turkey

Fancy massager

DISCLAIMER: This review is solely based on my personal experience/usage of the product. Yours might be different.

I absolutely love the massager. I have several muscle massagers already because I do exercise regularly and I walk a lot on my underdesk treadmill. The one thing I absolutely love about this massage is you can have the icy or heated option to give extra therapeutic treatment when you try to loosen that stiff muscle. It might be a bit pricey for a massager if you just want the basics, but I find it very reasonable for how much it provides.

Olynomad - USA

 Feels amazing on the receiving end

I have chronic pain in my back and have used all kinds of massagers over the years to help alleviate the pain some and this is definitely one of the nicest ones that I've used. It has plenty of power and the controls are simple to use. It has a solid build quality and the hot/cold feature actually works and impressively so. It comes with a good assortment of attachments and a durable case to store everything in. The only drawback that we've found is if you are the one giving the massage, not receiving it and that's how much vibration you feel in your hands when operating it. But it is a great massager for how much relief it provides.


Small package - Great for traveling

This has to be the most pricey massage gun I've gotten. I wanted to spoil my wife with a nice gift during our first trip overseas after the pandemic lockdown.With the device being small, I was able to bring onboard our 17hour flight. The massage gun had plenty of power and without reading the manual, the controls were rather intuitive. Using the massage gun under the blanket was rather easy. The massage gun even has hot and cold function which is the first I've encountered.Vibrations was very strong and it felt amazing on all muscles. Only thing I wish for was that the massage gun was waterproof. We couldn't use it in the bathtub or pool.