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KIGA iNECK™ PRO - 4 Modes Massage

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U-shaped Design

Ergonomic U-shaped design is adopted to make the neck massager closer to the neck, so as to achieve better massage effect

Deep Pressure pulses

KIGASSENZIO smart neck massager can quickly relieve neck & back pain and fatigue through electric pulse,

Heat Massage

This neck massager with heat has 4 professional massage mode, you can enjoy 16 different intensities from easy, relax the neck into deep tissue massage with the control panel or portable remote control.


The neck massager equipped with 104-107.6℉ constant-temperature technique. With excellent warm compress effect, the whole electrode pads heating, can be a large area of hot compress. There are 4 different modes and 16 levels strength to meet your needs.

  • Sleep Better

    Add a neck massage routine to your daily life and you'll notice an improvement of your sleep quality.

  • Heat Massage

    Heat Massage relax and release your muscles after a long day training or at work.

  • Battery

    Our smart neck massage is equipped with a built-in 2400mAh rechargeable battery with long service life which can last 4-5 hours depending on speed and mode.

  • Neck Muscles Recovery

    Relieve tension in your quads, calves, back, shoulders, muscle soreness that applies rapid pulses of pressure for a deep massage that accelerates your warm-up and recovery.


Electric pulse neck massager adopts intelligent 3D U-shape fitting technology. Lightweight is about 0.25 lbs and will not cause a second burden on the neck. With the portable remote control, convenient for you to enjoy massage anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a portable travel case?

Yes, this neck massage comes with a carry case which make it easy to carry everywhere. The appearance of the carry case is exquisite, suitable for all family.

What is the temperature range of this heat?

This neck massage has 3 level temperature adjustment for heat and cool, ranging from 95 to 113 ℉ for heating and 50 to 68 ℉ for cooling.

Does it has an acupuncture massage as well?

Yes, actually thanks to his electric pulse the neck massager adopts intelligent 3D U-shape giving you a pleasant massage in your neck.