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Professional Eye Massager with Portable Foldabe

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Avoid Eyes soreness with a massage routine.

Deep Pressure pulses

In addition to providing a comfortable and fitting massage experience.

Relaxl & Heat Massage

This portable folded massager fits most face shapes, while the elastic band can be tightened and loosened through an adjustable buckle. It also like a hot towel to keep your eyes warm.


The portable 180° adjustable design can be carried out at any time, and it does not take up space in a handbag or suitcase. Suitable for use at home, office and travel.

  • Cold Massage

    Help you relax your eyes after a day of work or study, you can also use it as a sleep eye mask to help you to relax.

  • Heat Massage

    Built-in heating pad provides suitable and comfortable constant temperature.

  • Battery

    Our powerful massage is equipped with a built-in 2400mAh rechargeable battery with long service life which can last 4-5 hours depending on speed and mode.

  • Enjoy Better Sleep

    A good Eyes Massage Routine helps you improve the quality of your sleep


With a simple one-button operation, you can easily switch between different massage modes to adjust the massage intensity according to your needs. Without complicated operations, even the elderly can use it alone. And the convenient universal Type-C charging port can also be charged with a power bank, laptop, power adapter, etc

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it come with a portable travel case?

Yes, this eye massage comes with a carry case which make it easy to carry everywhere. The appearance of the carry case is exquisite, suitable for all family.

Can I connect my playlist during the massage?

Yes, this cordless eye massager built-in speakers and prerecorded light music enhance relaxation. You can also connect via Bluetooth to play your own playlists. Music can put people in a more relaxed atmosphere, temporarily away from the worries in life.